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Paranormal romance

Demon’s daughter

Book 3 in The British covens series
Daisy was adopted as a baby. Her father killed her mother. Her father’s a demon.

Exile in Darkness

Book 1 in ‘British Covens’ series.
Heritage matters in the Pethany coven, but magic matters more.

Displaced Demon

Book 2 in ‘British Covens’ series.
Imprisoned since the age of fourteen, sorcerer, Lukas Sindis, wants an explanation.

Children of Poseidon: Lykos

Book 1 in ‘Children of Poseidon series’.
Feuding sea gods, ambitious witches, and an ancient betrayal.

Children of Poseidon: Rann

Book 2 in ‘Children of Poseidon’ series.
A mad sorcerer causes chaos from his remote island hideout.

Children of Poseidon: Damnamenos

Book 3 in ‘Children of Poseidon’ series.
A cursed seawitch, a preternatural baby, and a powerful sorcerer are all cursed with the darkest of magic.

Family Magic

Feuding fathers and lost sisters are a poor start to a revived love affair.