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Children of Poseidon: Damnamenos

Damnamenos, youngest son of Poseidon, has always viewed himself as a modern demi-god—an equal opportunity sorcerer who runs an international business empire while plotting revenge on his faithless ex-lover. He likes to think he has his life under control, but when evil threatens his world, he needs to summon all his old magic to deal with it.

Maya Redcar, a young witch just coming into her full power, finds herself leading her coven’s fight against a corrupt and insane sorcerer. Realising that the witches are outclassed, she joins forces with her old nemesis, Damnamenos, to confront the enemy in his East African lair.

Together, Maya and Damnam face old lovers, cursed seawitches, a preternatural infant, and unreasonable parents, on their quest to save the world. Their growing attraction could be a source of strength, or as Maya fears, a new point of vulnerability as they are torn apart by their enemy’s magic.