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I’m Anne Cleasby and I write science fiction, stretching from a dystopian Earth to vast interstellar space. As Annalisa Carr, I write a mixture of paranormal romance and urban fantasy.

Meet the Author.

I was born in the English Lake District, and after working in distant parts for many years, I’ve now returned to my roots. I share a view of the fells with two cats and a dog and (when not route-marching the dog) I spend my time writing in a variety of genres.

Science Fiction and fantasy are my favourites, but one day I’d like to try writing a (cosy) detective novel. I write as Anne Cleasby and Annalisa Carr.

Check out one of my free sci-fi stories here.

Exile in Darkness

When the Pethany matriarch proposes a mating between Isabella and Lukas, she ignites a chain reaction that spirals out of her control.

Displaced Demon

Lukas finds the Tobermory coven missing, the dimensional barriers damaged and a trans-dimensional demon occupying a witch’s body. What to do?

Almost Human

Sabre-Tooth believes he is human. Everyone else calls him a monster. A failed mission gives him the chance to escape and prove them wrong.

About Me.

I’ve now returned to my roots.