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Displaced Demon

Lukas Sindis spent eighteen years in prison, accused of murder by magic.Now he’s out. He wants an explanation. He wants justice. He wants vengeance. Most of all, he wants to live independently of the traitorous magic covens, but first he has to prove he’s not a danger to them. To show his good faith, he accepts a one-off job, delivering a message to the Isle of Mull, for the Witches Council. It’s supposed to be a simple job, but as soon as he arrives in the small town of Tobermory, it becomes obvious that all is not as it should be on Mull.Lukas certainly doesn’t expect to find the Tobermory coven missing, the dimensional barriers damaged and a trans-dimensional demon occupying a witch’s body. The witch, Robyn, will die, unless the demon leaves her, and if the demon leaves, it dies. As a gatekeeper, Lukas is one of the few people who can banish the demon, repair the dimensional barriers, and give Robyn a fighting chance of recovery. Can he put aside his quest for revenge? Can he save Robyn? Can he save the demon? Will he even try?