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Children of Poseidon: Lykos

Damnamenos, youngest son of sea god Poseidon, has been imprisoned beneath the Arctic ice for a thousand years. Finally freed by a melting glacier, he swears vengeance on his enemies, and on the traitorous witch who betrayed him. Young witch, Lila, has spent years caring for Maya, her baby sister. While on holiday, Maya, now a magically powerful teenager, is snatched by people traffickers, dragging Lila along in her wake. Lykos, son of Poseidon, and despotic ruler of the seas around Scotland, has mislaid several of his subjects, including his ex-lover. The disappearance of a castle-sized kraken is the last straw, and he begins to search for his lost people. When a half-drowned Lila crawls out of the sea onto his island, bringing a tale of abduction and witch smuggling, Lykos starts to wonder if his brother might be responsible for both their problems.

Lykos thrives on order. Kidnapped Sirens? Enslaved werewolves? Marauding pirates? Not in his oceans!