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Demon’s daughter

Witch empath, Daisy, has issues. She’s recovering from a serious case of demon possession, a tribe of stalkers are following her around, and she’s recently discovered she was adopted as a baby. When she learns her real father was an incubus, her problems begin to make sense.

Earth mage, Izaak, also has issues. Kidnapped as a child, he’s been trained to work as a mercenary and a saboteur. Now he’s escaped, but his employer is on his trail. He wants to trace his lost family, but first he needs to close down his boss’s criminal empire.

Izaak’s world collides with Daisy’s when one of her stalkers, an insane vampire, hires a team of mercenary assassins to help him conquer London and make her into a queen.

Daisy wants to be rid of her nuisance admirers, Izaak wants to be rid of his criminal past. Both petition the Council of the European Covens for help, but both find more help from each other.