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Power Games

The Eurasian Alliance is struggling to re-establish civilisation after the disasters of the twenty-second century. War, climate change and disease have left much of the population dead, and many more clinging to a precarious survival.Displaced minor and non-citizen, Susannah Rose, wants more than survival. She wants to gain her citizenship, and with it, the right to live and work in the territory of the Eurasian Alliance.Politician and businessman, Andrei Krewchek, is in the top tier of the Alliance hierarchy. He has wealth, fame and power, but it is not enough. He wants to lead the Alliance and take it to a place where it will dominate the world. Ambitious and ruthless, he will use every tool at hand to achieve his goal.When Susannah lands a job in the Krewchek household, she thinks she has taken the first step on the path to citizenship. It doesn’t take her long to realise that she has stumbled into a viper’s nest.